Afifah Tasya

With interest in cross-exchange and intersectionality of cultures within the cinema landscape, Afifah first joined Dogmilk Collective as a translator in pursuit of greater accessibility of independent visual works, particularly between Australia and Indonesia.

A native of Makassar, Afifah is an undergraduate student of Communication Sciences at Hasanuddin University and currently studying overseas in Ireland, where she discovered a passion for textual examination of films and the study of visual culture.

Afifah is also a part of Sipakatuo, a joint exchange initiative between Sulawesi and Australia, and contributing as a co-researcher for All Circles the Moon & Dirt Shines in the Sun.

Alexandra Walton

Alex Walton is a Documentary filmmaker focusing on stories with a social conscience. Having a background in Psychology, she is concerned with making sense of the world through human experience.  

Alex is a graduate from the European Film College in Denmark and is currently undertaking a Masters in Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

In the last few years Alex has  gained experience as a director, cinematographer and sound designer on many short films in Europe, as well as a production assistant on a feature documentary to be released shortly worldwide.  

Alex' short film 'Oliver' is a finalist in WIFT Australia V-Fest 2021.

Chris Cochrane-Friedrich

Chris, along with Fraser Pemberton and John Hewison, co-founded Melbourne based film collective Dogmilk.

In his work as a Director, Chris is primarily interested in the space between documentary and experimental filmmaking. Chris has worked on many narrative and documentary films both short and feature length, as a cinematographer and editor.

With degrees in Fine Art and Film and Television, he's worked on projects that occupy the spaces of experimental film and sound art.

Along with Wahyu Al Mardhani, Afifah Tasya and Sam Hewison, Chris co-founded the cross-cultural and collaborative exchange project Sipakatuo, functioning between South Sulawesi and Australia.

Chris is currently a studio artist at Watch This Space ARI in Mparntwe, living and working on Arrernte country.

Fraser Pemberton

Fraser is a Melbourne-based filmmaker who loves to explore distinctly Australian stories that retain fundamentally human concerns. He works primarily as a writer, director, and cinematographer.

Fraser’s work is always delving into the hidden corners of the human psyche, traversing the human condition and addressing the themes of time, memory and loss. His recent film ‘Hourglass’ has been the recipient of 10 festival selections and won Best International Student Short at the Glendale International Film Festival in 2018.

Fraser was the recipient of the Stephen Ho Bursary for Filmmaking in 2020 and has completed his master’s degree in Narrative Film at the Victorian College of the Arts. After honing and exploring his craft through multiple short form productions, Fraser’s next project will be a feature.

John Hewison

John is a Melbourne-based screenwriter, director and cinematographer. A Film and Television graduate of the Swinburne University of Technology, his filmic body of work explores the boundaries of genre and experimental cinema. For the past three years he has been programming public film screenings across Melbourne under Dogmilk Films, promoting the works of young up-and-coming filmmakers.

Having completed the short film Transmissions in early 2020, John's next short film "Speed and Movement" is in development, slated to be finished mid-2021.

Josh Peters

Josh Peters is an artist, composer and sound designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). His practice examines the underlying mechanisms of listening through multichannel sound installation and performance.

Josh has exhibited and performed his work both nationally and internationally in spaces such as Bus Projects, McClelland SculpturePark + Gallery, Montsalvat, Testing Grounds and Space Zero Gallery in Seoul. 

As a sound designer, he has worked on a range of projects including short films Cuckoo Roller andEach Other, upcoming feature documentary Aluk, and video work The Soldier’s Dream shown at Buxton Contemporary.

Lola Hewison

Lola Hewison is a Melbourne-based photography and video artist. Currently at the Victorian College of the Arts, she studies Fine Art Photography, through which she explores the potentials of film as a medium, utilising both the physical form and conceptual capacities of both film and photography.

Having worked as set photographer, she has also done video work for Melbourne-based musical duo The Green Child

Lola is interested in the space that both still and moving image inhabit in the present and evolving world of art and cinema.

Norbert Jakamarra Williams

Norbert Jakamarra Williams is an emerging actor and filmmaker, based between Mparntwe and Melbourne. He is currently working on the Sipakatuo project, all circles the moon and dirt shines in the sun, and will be working on Glenn Shea's theatre production, An Indigenous Trilogy, in 2022 alongside Uncle Jack Charles. Norbert is also developing several scripts, hoping to shoot in the near future.

Paddy Hay

Paddy is a filmmaker working between narrative and experimental modes of cinema. Paddy’s films have been presented at major domestic and international film institutions, including the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne.

In 2018, Paddy completed his Honours in Fine Art at RMIT University, where he was awarded a Travelling Scholarship for his graduate film piece.

Most recently, he has completed his debut narrative short film as writer/director, Cuckoo Roller, and currently working in L.A. with Six Stair studio on their upcoming feature Warm Blood.

Rose Baird

Rose Baird is a Melbourne-based costume designer. After receiving her Diploma in Costume For Performance; she begun working across the board of set, wardrobe, makeup and costume. Specialising in design and art finishings.

Her enthusiasm, skill & experience shine through in her work, reminding us that costume is an integral part in the creation of a character. Her knowledge around the concepts of identity asks the audience to consider what we understand from someone by their image.

Rose aids and emphasises the mis-en-scene of a film and has a talent for bringing characters to life. Her designs can be found throughout the Dogmilk projects.

Sam Hewison

Sam is a producer and assistant director, largely working between France and Australia. He has worked on various international projects for the past 5 years, most notably as an AD on Robin Campillo's award-winning 120 BPM, as well as for Justin Kurzel on two major features; Nitram and The True History of the Kelly Gang.

Sam has gained substantial experience in a very short period of time, having worked on countless short and feature films in France. Taking the mantle as in-house producer for Dogmilk Films, Sam is dedicated to making the independent films of his collaborators come to fruition.

Sofie McClure

Sofie McClure is a non-fiction filmmaker whose works intersect with video art and documentary. She is  interested in film not merely as a visual medium, but as a multi-sensory medium. In recent projects, she has been developing ‘haptic’ approaches to filmmaking and interviewing, in which she draws from non-visual forms of sense experience (primarily touch) to guide her filmmaking practice.  

Sofie studied philosophy at University of Melbourne and Amsterdam University College, and then completed her Honours in Media and Communications at RMIT. Prior to her Bachelor she studied with the British Film Institute. Sofie has screened and exhibited her work in galleries and festivals, including, Sydney World Film Festival, Melbourne Women in Film Festival, Milk Gallery and GalleryGallery Inc. She is currently working part-time in the Art Department at Dockland Studios and collaborating with other filmmakers on various freelance projects.

Wahyu Al Mardhani

Wahyu is a highly imaginative filmmaker with five years of experience making a variety of videos and films. He studies Communication Sciences at Hasanuddin University in Makassar.

As co-founder of young Makassar-based filmmaking collective 180 Dalam Kota, Wahyu explores the city’s issues through documentary. Wahyu has extensive technical knowledge of cameras and editing software from experience on fiction films.

His interest in documentaries has deepened since working on Aluk, as well as being the assistant director and editor of a documentary about the nautical heritage of Makassar.